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Snorty_Pigs ban appeal

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Snorty_Pigs ban appeal

Post by obscurial on Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:42 am

Username: Snorty_Pigs
Ban: permanently
Reason: Speed flying hacks
Staff member: BOOMER_1

Just before you read this I would just like to say that I am submitting this for the player snorty_pigs as she is my friend and does not have an account on your forum. I really hope you could give her a second chance at the server - theobscurial

I am here to talk about my ban of speed flying hacks. I believe this is unreasonable as I was not flying and do not have hacks. I had been previously kicked for flying when I had not. At the day of the event my internet was dropping out and was extremely slow so my game was lagging quite a bit. I was running and jumping to go faster as you do and my game started lagging and stopped, when it started up again my player skipped ahead and I got kicked for flying, this happened a few times. As you can see this was not my fault and I could not help it. I can also ensure you I would never hack the game as It drives away the fun of the game for other players and myself. I strongly enjoy playing on your server even though it was only for an hour or so, I have heard it is a lovely community and I am dying to play on it again. Overall as you can see this ban was not my fault and it was just a glitch/lag. Therefore I would strongly recommend that I should be unbanned for this. I appreciate you for giving me this chance to explain myself, Kind Regards snorty_pigs


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Re: Snorty_Pigs ban appeal

Post by RTCFlyer on Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:52 pm


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Re: Snorty_Pigs ban appeal

Post by BOOMER_1 on Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:37 pm

From what I remember of watching you on the server your character didn't glitch. I was following you in creative and was not able to keep up with you. However when the flying started, it appeared you may have briefly. I'll pardon the ban.


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Re: Snorty_Pigs ban appeal

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