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YankiBoss's warn appeal

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YankiBoss's warn appeal

Post by obscurial on Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:42 pm

UserName: YankiBoss

Ban: (Perm or Temp) Warn

Reasons: For impersonating other players/ and saying a word that means poop

Staff Members: The staff members who operated these warns are RTCFlyer and BOOMER_1

I am appealing for Yanki's warns because I don't believe it is fair on her, I am hoping for this to remove both of her warns or at least the one for Impersonating me (theobscurial). I am not going to snitch on anyone expect for myself who was also impersonating Yanki. Yanki and I were just being friendly friends, we were not doing anything that was hurtful in anyway towards each other. I do believe that there has been a large number of people impersonating eachother (just for fun) including the Owner who has used a special command to make other players say things. No where in the rules does it say "no impersonating other players" so I don't see why Yanki was the first one the get a warning from this. here I have attached a link to a screenshot of the rules for evidence that it doesn't say that we are not allowed to impersonate other players. here is also a link to the definition of trolling so it does not get confused with this situation as you can see there is no reason why the user YankiBoss got this warning, So I do strongly recommend that a staff withdraws it. I also do see an issue with the swearing warn because the word that she said literally means poo/feces but I do understand that it could be considered a swear word. Kind Regards, theobscurial


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Re: YankiBoss's warn appeal

Post by RTCFlyer on Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:58 pm

So basically he was warned at the time for saying "shit". I realize the warn does say "for impersonating". So correct, we do not have a current rule about this. However Please use common sense both of you in the future. I will remove the impersonating one however the other warn will remain. If you have any issues with this dission please tell me. Also the urban dictionary is not a valid source...
When he logs on does it give him a warn message or something?

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